V2GL is running a camp each month this summer.

Each camp is used to help bring an aspect of VR to High Schools.

VR Esports are great for team building and strategy but is also very physical and provides a great work out. Every grade of VR Esport can provide different levels of physical demand but anyone can play any of the sports provided.

VR film making is a new medium for creating linear stories that can have the option for interaction. VR film making involves several different disciplines across a school creating a cross-curricular product that can produce great VR experiences that can be made for a global audience or small enough for just a campus.

V2GL teaches VR and game development with Unreal Engine 4. UE4 is an industry standard for game developers and can be utilized for AR, VR, Game, Animation, and studio development. If you’re looking for an opportunity to get geared up quickly to build with UE4 our August boot camp is for you!

VR ESPORTS JUNE 18-20      10 am to 3pm       @ Cedars Nextgen High School

What to Expect: This is your chance to spend three days in some of the most intense and immersive competitive VR experiences. No matter your skill,  background or ability VR Esports starts everyone out on an even playing field or in some cases a zero-G fireball throwing race track. We will have professional ESL coaches from each of our VR Esports to help each player while learning and finally competing in each VR Esport. We will be training in Unspoken, Echo Arena and Sprint Vector. If you aren’t yet familiar with these VR Esports check out our VR Esports page to learn a bit more.  We will also be providing info on how to run commentary on our VR Esports as well as VR Tech Optimization and Team Leadership/Logistics. We want you to be successful when trying to build your team and competing.  Teachers are encouraged to attend with their students and teachers get in for free when attending with 1 or more students. Teachers can also help get a discount for their students by attending. To get a discount code for a group that includes at least one teacher email Tyeron@V2GL.com for your teacher discount code to be used at check out.  Each student in the teacher accompanied group can use the discount code and must all come from the same school.

What we provide: All the Oculus Rift and Touch setups for practice and competition on the last day of camp.  Access to all of our Esports and more experiences.

What we hope to create: We not only want to help jump-start students into VR Esports but to help bring teams back to their home campus and a plan to help build it going forward. This is the first push for V2GL to go from casual to serious competition. We are working with organizations and other school districts in Seattle Washington and San Francisco California to begin interstate matches beginning in the Fall. Until we can help get them running we want to get the Texas teams locked in and set as the standout group in the nation.  We also see VR Esports as a way to introduce VR to high schools and begin incorporating it into the school curriculum and professional development for teachers.

We have scholarship discounts running till May June 1st.

  • Individuals signing up will be $60 till May 31st and $75 from June 1st to June 16th. 
  • Price for students attending with a teacher, using a teacher code will be $40 till May 31st and $55 from June 1st June 16th. 

 Register for the VR Esports camp here!

For students currently attending Cedars NextGen High School request your district link from Mr. Hammontree.

  • If you are a teacher and would like a discount code for attending this camp with your students
  • please email Tyeron@V2GL.com requesting your discount code.

Make sure to email from your school email account for verification against your school directory.

July’s Camp has been removed but we will have meetups throughout the June, July and August. Join our discord and mailing list to get info when Meetups happen.

GAME JAM Boot Camp      10 am to 3pm       @ Cedars Nextgen High School

What to Expect: A quick and intense plunge into working with Unreal Engine 4 while using our VR template to create a VR experience while exposing you the inner workings of one of the highest rate AAA industry used engines.    We utilize the multi-User editing features of UE4 to work together to create your VR experience and challenge each other to push your skills.

What we provide: You will have access to your own VR workstation and Oculus Rift and Touch.  Each workstation will come equipped with UE4 ready to use with our VR template.

What we hope to create:  Game developers and hopefully VR creators that will make experiences that empower and inspire.

We have scholarship discounts running till June 1st.

  • Individuals signing up will be $60 till May 31st and $75 from June 1st to June 16th. 

Register here for VR Game Jam

For students currently attending Cedars NextGen High School request your district link from Mr. Hammontree.


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