VR Esports or Virtual Reality Electronic Sports are rising quickly as VR becomes a commonplace sight around mainstream life. VR Esports offers something for everyone from those that like to have a team such as with Echo Arena and RecRoom Paintball or single players for games like Beat Saber, Racket NX or Unspoken.
These games offer a level of immersion that has never been seen in ESports. As the crowds of players grow, so do the spectators looking to see the spirited matches from a screen or in VR and possibly get into the VR Esport themselves.
V2GL is working to build the high school path for competitive VR players in the high school range that will feed up to CVRE (Collegiate VR Esports) League. CVRE is an expansive organization that has a presence at every major college and university campus across the nation. As a feeder into CVRE, we provide a social and skilled network to aid your transition from high school to higher education.
V2GL has three great offerings in the VREsports community.


ECHO ARENA (4v4) Spawned from the hit title Lone Echo
Think “Ender’s Game” zero-G training with ultimate frisbee and hockey mixed together. This is a game that requires the team to work together in different ways to move and score in an environment that can change at a moment’s notice.  Echo Arena is played in several leagues as part of the ESL VR Challenger League. As of this writing, the prize for the top VRML team was 50k and increases all the time. We look forward to training future CVRE and ESL league players with V2GL.  This is a physical game and the creators, Ready At Dawn, have done an amazing job creating a smooth fast-moving team-based game that continues to challenge even seasoned players. This sport is an Oculus exclusive at this point and so can only be played on an Oculus VR Headset. However, it is available and amazingly well-tuned for the Oculus Quest which is the most affordable and immersive headset currently available.

Beat Saber(Solo)
Probably one of the best known VR games out. This rhythm game has made its way into arcades, homes, stadiums and even a few people playing it on airplanes. Beat Saber makes players feel powerful and graceful as you slide past obstacles to take out multiple blocks flying at you in what seems like LUDIDCROUS SPEEDS! This may be a solo endeavor but it is a challenging experience that puts even the best against what seems to be an onslaught of neon. We’ll be producing regular matches and offer slinger challenges for this experience. We’ll be talking more about slinger challenges as the season draws closer but just think about gunslingers looking for the best and calling them out to test their metal and you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. We will have a meeting with Solos, Coaches and Scouts before the season starts in earnest to discuss our best method to share scores and keep track of matches and challenges. We’ll announce our methods before competitive play begins but if you are familiar with any other competitive Beat Saber competitions we won’t be straying far from established methods.

RecRoom Paintball (4v4)
Fast and fun team action that allows for a huge amount of modification for the game. RR Paintball provides a number of different paint markers to be used during the game. That covers things like pistols, paint-shotguns, shields, burst fire paint markers, paint-grenades, paint throwers, paint snipers, and a paint-grenade launcher that will allow anyone to create their own play style. RecRoom provides several paintball fields but the ability to create your own fields and modifications will be explored through this and future seasons. We really like the ability to customize fields and abilities as this helps push VR and Game Dev skills that we prize highly in V2GL> We’ll be playing capture the flag for our games since this requires the most strategic use of your team. We will be outlining final specifics of what matches will look like such as restricting certain types of locomotion or fields. Either way these games are fun to compete in and it easy to see why RR Paintball keeps players coming back day after day.
If you’re looking for a way to get involved other than playing,  we look for those that can provide interesting commentary for spectators, graphic artists, copywriters, multiform marketers, VR devs, 3D artists, hardware afficianados….if you have a talent or skill we can definitely use your expertise. Please email tyeron@v2gl.com or join our discord to find out how you can become part of V2GL.


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