VSports or Virtual Reality Esports are rising quickly as VR becomes a commonplace sight around mainstream life. VSports offer something for everyone from those that like to have a team such as with Launch Squad and Echo Arena or single players for games like Ripcoil and Unspoken.

These games offer a level of immersion that has never been seen in ESports. As the crowds of players grow, so to do the spectators looking to see the crazy visuals from their chair in VR and possibly get into the sport themselves.

Varsity Virtual Gamer League and the Austin Virtual League are working to breathe life into the VSports community. We’re starting with central Texas but that doesn’t mean we wont’ be looking for ways to bring in others from across the globe to play and compete as well.

One real plus for VSports is how physical the games are. Playing some VSports works up a sweat the likes of which you might see in an Aerobics class. So, unlike other ESports where players are intently staring at a screen, VSports needs you to not only stand but rapidly move around.

Echo Arena

V2GL and AVL have come together with three  great offerings in the VSports community.

ECHO ARENA 3v3 spawned from the hit title Lone Echo. Think “Ender’s Game” zero G training with ultimate frisbee and hockey mixed in together. This is a game that requires the team to work together in different ways to move and score in this environment.  Echo Arena is part of the ESL VR Challenger league. As of this writing the prize for the top team was 50k and with an ever expanding player base and spectators that prize pool will be ever expanding from tournament to tournament. We look forward to training future ESL league players with V2GL.  This is a physical game and the creators, Ready At Dawn, have done amazing job creating a smooth fast moving team based game.

The Unspoken

UNSPOKEN  1v1 This magic based fighting game by Insomniac is unlike anything you’ve played before. Players pick a mage class with different powers and duel against other mages across the supernatural cityscapes of Chicago. This experience puts you right in the middle of throwing fireballs and summoning creatures to bring down your opponent. Strategy, timing and asset management are key to winning this game.    Artifacts and map set pieces change up the game play from moment to moment so the players have to be on their guard while playing this powerful spell slinging experience.

SPRINT VECTOR  1vMany is a legitimate work out. You will sweat playing this game. Oh, you may have come out of an intense bout in Unspoken feeling a bit sweaty or thought that last run through Echo Arena had you breathing hard but, in Sprint Vector you only go as fast as you can move so you’re going to have to sit down after a few rounds. Think of Sprint Vector as a fast moving full body all contact neon combat race and you’ve got a pretty good idea what Sprint Vector will be like for you. Though there are many racers in a Sprint Vector heat, it is a 1 against everyone  type of game. We are testing the idea of doubles racing where team mates race to make sure at least one of them makes it across the line by taking out competition from behind and boosting their team mate into the lead.  Survios, who created Sprint Vector and VR favorite, RawData are constantly trying to make exhilarating VR experiences and its evident every time Mr. Entertainment kicks off another race!


The event at Cedars International High School will run from 1pm to 6pm on Saturday April 14th.  We will only be allowing High School age students and their mentors( teachers/parents) to attend this event.  If you are outside of the high school realm AVL also runs regular meetups at Capital Factory and other locations for those wanting to get into VSports.

Sprint Vector with Mixed Reality

Entry to the event costs $10 which will go to buffet style pizza from our partner, Dominos and a variety of sodas and water for the day are included in the cost. All other remaining money goes to the school VSports team or to help the school start one. Currently we are cash only for this event, but as the organization grows and includes more schools the opportunity for other methods of payment will be available.

V2GL will be  supplying the VR headsets and controllers as well as the computers that will be running them.  Since we are running team sports we would like for people to show up in 3 person teams if possible. If that doesn’t work out for you we can form teams during the event. However, if you show up on your own and want to work that Lone Stranger mystique then we have plenty of opportunities to get you into individual roles in VSports as well. 

Use the contact form down the page to inquire for more information or to let us know you’ll be there. We’d like to get a count of how many we’ll be hosting.We look forward to seeing you all as we build up this new way to compete and build a strong culture for all high schools.

The next event will be held at Cedars International Next Generation High School in Central Austin. The location can be found in the embedded google map below.

Want to compete, create a team or attend one of our Prelims?

Sign up below and let us know how we can help you!

We provide the Games, Rifts, Vives and Super Charged PCs to run everything.
Entry is $15.
Entry to the event is paid at the host school.

Current Host: Cedars International Next Generation HS.

Funds pay for pizza and drinks while at the Prelim. As well as a fundraiser for the host school.
If you'd like to host a tournament or prelim for V2GL please send us an email at contact@V2GL.com with your interest.

If you are coming to a prelim for your first time and you are able to bring a mentor and a few other possible team mates we can run a reduced price for your group when you attend together for the first time. Please email us at contact@V2GL.com to arrange your first visit.

The Prelim runs from 4:05 to 9pm.

That's right, 5 full hours of competitive VR.

Sign up to attend the May 18th Crucible Prelim.

Will you be attending the April 14th Crucible Prelim at Cedars International Next Generation HS?

Are you forming a team at your school?

What grade are you currently in?

Which Games are you looking forward to playing?
Sprint VectorEcho Arenathe Unspoken

Any other questions or comments?

We'll see you in the grid!


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