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 The Varsity Video Gamer League was created out of a want from a variety of students to compete in a number of games not just one or two.  No one is the same and we hope to foster that individuality alongside collaboration and determination with every  gamer track.  
We will always re-evaluate our gaming choices as needs change or the market offers more opportunities. We want to try out new things and we can use our Indie Mutant League for many of those possibilities that may fall outside of our normal tracks.
The entries below have brief descriptions of why we chose the games for each track as well as the control options for each. By the controls you should be able to discern what system we are using for that particular game. We currently use: PC
, PS4, Nintendo (WiiU, Wii, GameCube) and Tablet/Touch.

League of Legends

MouseTeam of 5

Vain Glory


Team of 3

M.O.B.A. (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

We are currently running League of Legends and Vain Glory for our first two MOBA games. Obviously LoL is very popular and still gaining a larger audience every year. A growing number of Universities offer scholarships for high ranking LoL players.

We really like Vain Glory because of its accessibility. Most schools in Texas have gone to a tablet of some sort for their 1 to 1 initiative and Vain Glory is a stripped down fast version of LOL with a smaller vainglory-logo
team and redesigned for a touch interface. These changes make Vain Glory easily accessible to students that want to jump in on a game easily.

There may be a bit of grinding to do in both games to get used to each game but levels come with time just like anything else.

To play in V2Gl MOBA tournaments you should try to be playing LOL at level 20 or higher. For Vain Glory you should feel comfortable competing starting after level 15. We will adjust these numbers as we gain more info from our players.



Teams of 5



Team of 6


Overwatch and Counter Strike are the premiere FPS games in the eSports world.

Counter Strike has been out for more than 12 years now and is still the standard all other competitive FPS games are measured against. We see quite a few scholarships and contract deals for CS:GO players so we believe it is one of the best FPS games we could include with V2GL.

owOverwatch was made with the intention of being an eSport and it shows. The balance of different characters when making a team makes it one of the best collaboratively competitive games out there.  With its quick rise and Blizzard’s continued improvements to the game as well as their push for Overwatch teams for cities and states shows Blizzard’s usual commitment to making a fun game to play and watch.

Street Fighter V


Individual Fighters

Smash Bros


Individual or doubles


Street Fighter and Super Smash are two of the best fighting games around. SFV

Street Fighter has been an institution in the fighting game world garnering several different versions from Capcom and other partners. Street Fighter V has takes on the difficult task of mixing old school fighting games styles with more modern takes on the genre with a fantastic fighter setup. Mixing these elements so that tactical and mechanical players have a ssb4_iconchance to shine during a fight. 

Super Smash Bros Wii U often seems like a kids game at first sight but after watching the chaos on screen it becomes quite evident that managing all aspects of a match are easy to pick up but hard to master. With the largest and most varied cast of fighters Smash is fun to watch and play. Several schools and teams are looking for their next Smash team as the game gains its footing in the eSports community.

Mario Kart


Individuals or Doubles

Project Cars


Individual and Doubles


Mario Kart and Project Cars are our two racing games for V2Gl. mariokart

Mario Kart games have become one of the staples of game nights and another game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The frantic pace of a 200 cc track with power-ups and turtle shells flying every where can leave some overwhelmed but to a seasoned Mario Kart player its just another day. Mario Kart is one track where we will play different versions during tournaments so it will pay to have raced all tracks going back to ProjectCarsPossibly “Double Dash” but will definitely include Wii and Wii U versions as well as the new Switch Mario Kart when it is available.  All nintendo controller types are also allowed for this racing game.  This is one of the V2Gl founder’s favorite games and can often be goaded into playing anyone pretty easily.

Project Cars is a part of any eSports racing group around the world. For simulated racing it is the highest rated games available without sitting in an actual motion simulator.  This is a pure racing simulator, there’s no rock or electro sound track only the track accurate sounds of the engines and the rubber meeting the road. The personalization of the cars as well as the detail paid to each allows for a racing experience on par with an actual career racing team. The tracks are all real and recreated down to the the last turn and set piece. If you race the California  Highway route in real life you would definitely recognize it from the game.   This is the truest simulation game we have on the V2GL roster.



Individual and Teams of 2



Teams of two


We see so many sports gamers that we definitely didn’t want to leave them out. We don’t usually see eSports focused around sports video games.  So when we wanted to settle on our first two, the pick was difficult but we quickly came to a consensus.

NBA2K was the easier choice, we have many players who play on a regular basis. At this time our scrimmage setup is leaning towards the “black top” game mode. We are still testing different ideas out during game nights so we
do have some room to make things fit with what we believe will be challenging yet fun. NBA2K has been the standard for sports games and we see that it should carry that on through the coming years.

When looking for our second game it became much more difficult but after much deliberation the choice was clear.  Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and FIFA is the premiere soccer game. The movement and AI on the field work well with human players and the camera work feels like watching a real game.  We are working out how we will run tournaments for FIFA as well since we have a few options.

As we play we would like feedback to cultivate the style of play you all would like for ranked matches.


We are starting with Rocket League & Hunger Dungeon

More info Coming Soon!

Hearthstone & Magic The Gathering

More info Coming Soon!


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