Starting August 21st our initial induction round will end and we will announce our first competitors.

We will start scrimmages after August 21st.

We will take admissions for new competitors this season up to October 2nd when we will begin competitive matches.

This season is a building time for V2GL. We want to accommodate as many teams and solos into the league as we can but we understand many will be getting the news or gathering teammates as the season progresses.

That’s why this Winter NEO-Crucible will be different from future ones.

We divided the country by time zones and assigned an element to each since this will make practice, coaching and match dates easier for everyone.

However, we know some have already made teams with people in different time zones from their own. That’s why during these first two Neo-Crucibles this year and next we are allowing teams to form across any elemental region. This is our Neo-Crucible rule and will probably fall away after our first two initial seasons. The team will need to have at least one member physically residing in the elemental region the team will compete in. When petitioning to join the league in the discord we’ll need you to identify that region and provide the zipcodes as well as team member information to set your team in that elemental region.  As we encourage more teams to form around high school level educational institutions we believe it will be easier to form teams around elemental regions alone.

We will be solidifying teams on August 21st but for these Neo-Crucible seasons, if you have a team or solo player that would like to join we can take new additions of teams and Solos up to October 2nd.  After that time we have to close admission for this season but we can begin taking team and solo sign-ups for the 2021 Spring Neo-Crucible.  If you sign up after the October 2nd date V2GL will help facilitate your solo or team sign up as well as matchmaking for scrimmages, practice, and coaching. However, we will not be including the newly formed teams and solos in the current season’s ranked matches.

Neo-Crucible Rule

– This rule is expected to only be in effect for the first two crucible events as we build the league. This rule will allow teams to maintain their current membership even if team members are located in different elemental regions.  The team will need to have at least one member that resides in the elemental region that the team will be based in.  Keep in mind all members of the team will still need to be of high school age(13-19) and currently enrolled in an educational program or institution of a high school level. This is sorted through your initial petition to join the league in the Discord so there shouldn’t be an issue if each team member has already been added to the league. Please make sure to have each team member already added to the league before forming teams.
You will need some key information for your Solo or Team based application.
-Make sure you have the zip code for yourself and any other players on your team.
-You will need to provide the team’s zip code or the one that will determine which elemental region you start competing in before finals. You will need to have your Discord name including the number as well as those on your team. If you do not already have a discord account please make one before submitting an application for the Winter Crucible.
-You will need to the age of each member of your team
-You will need to know what educational institution or program you and your team members are enrolled in for Fall 2020.
-What VR platform will you and each member of your team be competing in? (Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift/S, HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation VR, WMR)
Players on an Echo Arena or RecRoom Paintball team can compete in Solo play in Beat Saber as well but, we would like to keep matchmaking easy between teams so please only compete in one team VR Esport. If you have submitted a Team application you will still need to submit the app for the Solo competition and vice versa.
If you have the necessary information for your Solo or Team submission Please follow the link below to our Winter Crucible Sign Admission Form. 

League Member Code of Conduct

      1. Play fairly and within the rules laid out here.
      2. Treat your fellow gamers, teammates, competitors, spectators, and League officials with respect.
      3. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, doxxing, and other forms of harassment or unlawful behavior are not tolerated and may mean the suspension of the entire team.
      4. Accusations of impropriety or foul play are taken seriously and should be brought to the attention of the V2GL admins by messaging an admin on the V2GL Discord server.

Regions & Participation Requirements

    1. V2GL is separated into four regions: Air(Pacific), Earth(Mountain), Fire(Central) and Water(Atlantic)
    2. Teams must consist entirely of players from one region, and must also compete in that region. Mixed teams are not allowed. First two seasons are subject to the Neo-Crucible rule and will allow for current teams in different elemental regions to retain their current team members. Please see the Neo-crucible rule for more info on this.
    3. A league Substitute may only play for a team if both the registered league substitute and the team needing a substitute are registered in the same region. The Neo-Crucible rule does not apply in the case of subs that are brought in after establishing the team.


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